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No. An app is typically not compatible with all smartphone users, so we designed MyClaimPics to be a secure, mobile-friendly website that anyone can use.

MyClaimPics was designed by insurance professionals for insurance professionals. We know what you need in your claims filing process because we've had to file claims ourselves—in all different areas! This product was born from our own need for efficiency and therefore keeps your interests at heart while catering to your customers. Here are a few ways MyClaimPics keeps your interests in mind:

  • We keep it simple for your customers. We provide easy, step-by-step directions to your customer's mobile phone with actual example photos for each step. This clearly demonstrates to your customers what kind of image they need to take.
  • We have templates customized for different claim needs. The pictures you need for a car accident will differ from the images you would need for a water damage claim. We have a template that suits each claim need.
  • Our system warns you of potential fraud. We time stamp each image and mark the location it was taken. We also let you know if an image was recorded in real time or uploaded from a gallery. This will alert you to any image that may be less than credible.
  • We produce excellent PDF reports. After compiling the information provided by your client, we send you a "Smart PDF" full of high resolution photos and metadata that includes an analysis of how, when, and where each photo was taken.
  • We provide estimates upon request, streamlining your claims process even more. Our in-house team of licensed estimators is highly qualified in delivering accurate estimates on loss or damages. This means you deal with fewer middlemen and faster turnaround on claims.

Yes. Typically, a link will expire after 5 days; however, you have the ability to set a custom expiration time for any of your clients. A link will also expire once a customer uses it to submit photos of damages. That same link may not be re-used for a future claim. If your client revisits that same link, he or she will see the following message: "Photos already submitted." However, you can easily send a new link if they have a new claim.

No. Customers CAN upload photos from their gallery or take them in the moment as directed. However, MyClaimPics will take note of where, when, and how each photo is taken so as to monitor for possible cases of fraud. (Note: Only photos are accepted.)

Nothing! Your IT resources are not necessary. That’s on us. All you need to do is log on to our website and enter in your client’s phone number to send the MyClaimPics link. We handle the photo-uploading process, and we send you the photo report after it has been completed.

At MyClaimPics, we offer a number of integration options. We can integrate seamlessly with the following:

  • Estimating systems – Instantly send your client’s MyClaimPics image report off for an estimate.
  • Applications – Easily make MyClaimPics part of your company’s app for your customers’ convenience.
  • Internal software platforms – Streamline MyClaimPics into your process.
  • Our API platform

Custom integration is also available. Please contact a MyClaimPics representative for more.
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